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How Strong Is Your Foundation

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How Strong is Your Foundation?

     We all know how it feels to step into a canoe.  Maybe you’ve even had the experience of falling out of one…lucky you!  No matter what, we have the opportunity, when we step into a canoe to balance ourselves first, the canoe second…or is that backwards?  haha

     Your body, no matter what, will react to balance/imbalance, wether from fear, joy, anger, etc.   Just like when we approach an animal, we have to check in with ourself first, them second.  Step into the canoe from fear… hello water.  Step in from a grounded balanced space, hello bliss. .. where’s the paddle, let’s go exploring!

     Lets now consider our body’s foundation.  Like a building, if our foundation is weak we will topple.  What grounds us and creates that strong foundation?  Well, the balance of our mind, the strength of our body, our mental focus and a dash of our true nature spirit, and we’ll stand forever!  In regards to the body, it’s our bones and joints supported by our strong muscles, and in the case of our foundation, our quadriceps and glutes.

     Try this, stand up and squeeze your quads and glutes, and lock your knees…sqeeeeeeeeeze!  Wow, how strong are you?!  Now, move around your upper body…freedom huh?  Strength below the waist, grace above.  hats how it’s supposed to feel!  When our largest muscles, the glutes and quads become weak, we use our upper body, shoulder and neck to create the balance instead, simply so we don’t fall over.  Unfortunately, our upper body is not responsible for all of our grounding and balance, and we are asking for more from our upper body than we are naturally able to give (so what else is new, right?!!!). Result?  Sore shoulders, sore neck, and crazy mind. 

     Simple huh?  So, focus on the quads and glutes.  Every once in a while, sqeeze’em.  After a while of doing this, they’ll become stronger, and they’ll allow the shoulders and neck to relax.  Then, the body you’ve been given can come back into proper balance.  Yes, it’ll be “Hard Work”!  But you are worthy!!!  One more thing… when you begin to focus on the movement, you might feel dizzy, sick, stuck, sore, or any other feeling or emotion.  Why?  Well, underlying illness, medications, mental patterns being broken or digging in their heels (ego), or emotional illness rearing its ugly head.  Your choice, stop, be patient, investigate, research, question someone who can help………anything except stay stuck, but again, your choice!

     One more thing, watch the Olympics.  Watch the amazingly beautiful bodies of the athletes, watch how they move, balance, ground and focus.  Then go to the mall.  Compare.  You’ll be shocked what you’ll learn just by sitting on your butt and watching with intention.  Don’t get too used to it though…get off the couch, move big, move little…anything is good.

     Anything I write here is not written from research, but rather from a better source…my experience.  It may work for you too, but no promises.  Undertake my suggestions at you own risk, or maybe benefit.  Good luck!

In strength, and balance and focus,

‘Til we meet again, Penny xoxo



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Jul 23

Hard Work


     First and foremost, the last post was not a work by me, but by Lara Catone, whom I do not know.  Sorry if it seemed like it was by me.  Check her out though…any woman who is willing to speak about sex, and endeavor to heal our old sexual stories is alright by me!  High praise?!  And, I love that she calls it the final frontier!  So true, speak the unspeakable!

     Today I speak of hard work.

     The feeling hard work is not to be bound up in a typical human pattern…linear.  Hard work awareness is definitely cyclical.  Hard work can feel like hard work, and either take your energy, or allow you to gain.  My awareness of hard work was in oppostion to being “lazy”.  I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that I was told I was lazy alot.  Not sure though, if I actually was.  I beleive that our parents, even if they weren’t hard workers, related hard work to survival…not survival as in healthy, open and true, but survival as opposed to death.  War, starvation, loss of your home will do that to you.

     I guarantee to you that I am lazy.  I hate having to work hard.  I want to nap, read, watch tv.  there, I said it.  Now here’s the backing up.  I have witnessed in my life hard work that kills.  Stress that kills.  Emotional mental hard work that kills…if not the body, than the cells, one by one by one.  So, if given a choice, I ould like to work hard by hardly working!

     In the medicine, the saying is, “minimum effort, maximum efficiency”.  Perfect.  that is true stuff.  So, when I approach a situation that is potentially draining of my mind, body and spirit, how am I making it harder, how can I make it easier, with a “hard work” outcome?

     Lets take a posture…say triangle, one of the difficult ones.  What in my mind am I saying to myself that may make it harder…what of my physical body..say old patterns of resistence…am I doing to make it harder?…say, rounding my back instead of opening?  What in my spirit am I creating, say, not breathing, to shut down the posture?

     On my way to a task, simple or arduous, am I pulling in from past stories and patterns that will lead me to failure?  Next question, and a tough one, am I even aware of all of the above, or is it now a sub-conscious pattern that I create with minimum effort and maximum efficiency?  arghhh, see?  There’s the circular pattern!!!!!

     Next?  How can I become aware of it, and release?

     Now, back to the beginning……breathe.

In shock and ecstasy,

Until we meet again, Penny xoxo



Jul 20

Into the Final Frontier with Sexological Bodywork – My Latest Adventure and Training

Into the Final Frontier with Sexological Bodywork – My Latest Adventure and Training.


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Jul 13

Trust, or Faith? Hmmmm



OK, so I tried to post a video about trust, fear, role models and misinterpretation, but Reba wouldn’t let me. Please google “Reba MacIntyre Kelly Clarkson Youtube Because of You”……… this is a stunning video of this song, with 2 perspectives at the same time…….mom’s and daughter’s…..working simultaneously……….absolute magic!!!

So, is it safe to trust? I say no. Ughhhh. So black and white, huh? Let me tell you something I learned from the medicine at The Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Study… “You can have faith in another, but you cannot trust them…you can only put trust in self “.

No, this does not feel like fear to me…it feels like discernment. If you had a friend that said they trust you, would you tell them that was wise? First question…are you human? The answer to the latter supports the answer to the former.

At any one single moment in time, we tend, as un-enlightened humans, to be living in either the past or the future…stress does this. We may have a big heart, and we may love to our full extent, but when push comes to shove, we are vulnerable to our own ego. Ego has its own agenda, and it’s agenda is to “not follow through because of fear”. So, unless you have put your ego to bed, it is very likely that you would tell your trusting friend to find someone else!

This is not about “positivity”…a much over-rated state of mind/ego. Positivity in the unenlightened mind = avoidance.

You know what? For now, I might say I trust, because thats what people and the ego want to hear…but in the end, and down deep, I’ll hold out for faith, and I’ll put all of my trust in myself…the only person whose thoughts and actions I can hope and endeavor to control.

In breath, and grounding and pure love,

Until next time…Penny xoxo


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Jul 1

Are You Feeling Happy?

My Dog Poppy

My Dog Poppy

      Hello!  What brought this on?      Happiness, we all have our own feelings and definitions around this word, YES?         Here’s the thing…for 1+ years, starting March 2011, I started feeling sick…unhappy.  It just got worse from there.  Apologising for the repeat of this, to those of you that know, I developed raging hypothyroidism, a decreased hgb, Ferritin/Iron level due to raging periods…an overall fatigue that paralysed me.  This last year and a half has been a virtual blur, of just getting through the days, doing what I could, when I could, for how long I could.  My yoga students?  Only God knows why they stayed with me, and honestly, only God knows HOW I continued to teach yoga.  It is deeper than what appears.      About 2 weeks ago, I had the weirdest feeling…I felt what I could only describe as “happy”…and in that moment, I recognised that since the illnesses set in, I forgot how happy felt.  I didn’t recongnise I wasn’t “happy”, because I was experiencing life from a state of imbalance.  To feel a feeling fully, we need to feel its opposite…yin/yang, neutral.      My health now has signiificantly improved…I am in menopause, yeh, my iron level has returned to normal, as well as my thyroid level.  I have PERSEVERED in the only way I knew how…feeling, exeriencing, sharing, reading, questioning, basically, I am a dog on a bone!!!!!  And WOW, happy feels really really great and awesome!!!      Spirit, my dogs Poppy and Bobby, and my husband deserve alot of credit here.  Spirit continued to be present every moment, I knew that, and I won’t lie, but illness, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, can take great toll on a relationship, no matter how much the LOVE is present.  I can however, feel a change now…when i was feeling in the depths of fatigue, and my bones and muscles were aching, and I was sad, the last thing I wanted to hear was “Sex tonight?”.     So, at this present moment, I am thankful for the knowledge I received from my illnesses…that to know or feel something deeply, we have to walk in the shoes.  Its hard, its scary, but it makes us more real, compassionate, and non-judgmental.  My experience anyway.      To know something, to feel something truly, we may need to fully feel its opposite, YIN/YANG.  To let go of the emotionality, and stay grounded, we may need to explore the full gammet, to come back to neutral.      As for my precious dogs, Bobby, the sex crazed chihuahua, and Poppy, the hypothyroid Pomeranian…what better real life expressions could I possibly find than them?!  They stuck by me thick and thin, slept when I slept, moved when I moved, and in their own way, loved me no matter what. Happy feels good.In love, compassiona and acceptance,Penny xoxo



Jun 27

Summer Yoga at Sweetwaters


“Day of Rest” Pastel, Penny Maguire

     This is the easiest way to get the Summer Yoga Session posted everywhere!  when I post this, it goes to Facebook and Twitter.  One Click…Minimum effort, maximum efficiency!

     The summer season at “Sweetwaters Yoga” begins July 10th, Tuesdays at 7pm (Hatha Flow) and Thursdays at 7pm (Hatha) , and Fridays at 9am(Hatha Restorative) .

     For the summer, I have created a “Flex Pass”, to fit in with your summer fun creations.  Please log onto http://www.sweetwatersyoga.ca for more info on classes, schedule, and me, Penny. 

                                                      For the flex pass, click on “Summer Special”

                                                      Peace my friends! xoxo


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Jun 22

Yesterday I Practiced Yoga and Felt Pissed off…Yehhh!

Just Me

    Yesterday I practiced yoga, and I felt really pissed off.  I wanted to walk out, the studio was too hot, I was dizzy, the instructor was flippant and condescending, and after all my committment and hard work, I didn’t deserve this crap. 

Or did I?

     Always questioning self, I said, “Self, this is your edge.  This is the moment where your doors and windows slam shut, you stamp your feet, clench your teeth, give up and walk out.  Watcha gonna do?”  

     Can’t you just picture this little 5 year old that’s hit her limit of non-sensical rules and demands from “the adults?”  I can, I remember this feeling.  In words, it felt like this…”Hey you people known as parents, you’re supposed to be the adults here.  I don’t have alot of experience, but it just seems to me that you aren’t being realistic, fair or kind…yes?….no?  Hold on, now I’m the one being yelled at and spanked?  Oooooh noooo you don’t, this shit’s screwed up!!!!”

     OK, that was cathartic.  So, when someone in my space is anything but how I want them to be, my neck hairs rise, I get emotional, I feel I have no control, and very shortly, someone’s gonna get hurt, and it’s probably gonna be me. 

Deep breath.

And so, dear yoga teacher of June 21st, thank-you.  Flippant and condescending, or calm and realistic?  Translate things any way you want, but her way of being in the world, in that moment, with me practicing and receiving, however I chose, in that moment, helped me to answer that question “whatcha gonna do?”…..Well, I’ll feel pissed off, really feel it, not avoid it, breathe, one breath at a time, the best way I know how. 

     I am the only person in the world that is totally under my control, so when I’ve thoroughly felt pissed off and shutting down, I can then realise, “Hey, this is just emotion!”, and then, let it go.  You don’t know til you know, you don’t feel til you feel.

In the words of a master yogi:

“Never too old, never too bad, never too late, never too sick to start from scratch once again.” –Bikram Choudhury.




Penny xoxo


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Jun 18

Receiving A Chance-The Manipura Chakra

Haha! the title started as “Taking a Chance”, after I read it I changed it. Taking feels harsh, un-natural………I choose to receive, as the feminine would suggest, what I will.

Speaking of “Will”, today I am “chancing” something new! I chose a new theme, or background for the site. Although it is colorfully beautiful, it seems to appear as just “mauve”. Perhaps this theme needs time to download…I’ll receive a chance that what will be will be, and practice patience.

And again, speaking of will, I have copied some information regarding the Navel/Manipura Chakra, the “Will” Chakra from the following site on the web: http://www.livingwordsofwisdom.com/navel-chakra.html

Navel Chakra

The Navel Chakra is located between your navel and the bottom of your rib cage. It is your 3rd chakra and also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Sanskrit word for this chakra is Manipura Chakra and it means “city of shining jewels.”

This is where your strongest sense of self is stored. Here is where all your personal boundaries are set. It is the chakra of self-esteem and willpower.

Your personal growth and change stem from this chakra. It is the key to transformation.

In Balance
With the Navel Chakra in balance you have a sense of value and uniqueness. You are energetic and confident. People recognize your integrity and personal honor.

Your strong sense of personal worth is your advantage in avoiding the pitfalls of excess. You enjoy a challenge, but at the same time you are not a workaholic.

Out of Balance
With this chakra out of balance you can be manipulative of others or easily controlled by others. Your self-confidence is threatened and you may have a fear of rejection.

Lack of energy takes away your ability to put ideas into action.

The Fire Element
The Navel Chakra signifies fire. Here is where you burn the old negative aspects of the past and gain the power to command and manage your life successfully.

The benefit of meditation on this chakra comes from its purifying qualities. It helps to transform old thoughts and feelings from negative to positive energizing thoughts and feelings. Meditation with candles burning in the room helps connect with the energy of this chakra (or in front of a fireplace on a cold wintry day).

As you meditate let the fire of this chakra burn old unwanted bad memories by visualizing them going up and away through the smoke and flames.


“Through the fire I transform negativity into positive uplifting thoughts and actions.”

“With powerful enthusiasm I achieve my hearts desires.”

“I own and accept responsibility for my life.”

“I am confident and courageous in my life decisions.”

“The fire within me sparks the flames of great achievements.”

“I transform fear into confidence and strength.”

Let the “fire in your belly” help you to manifest your hopes and dreams into action.

Wow! Isn’t that powerful? Interestingly, if the Navel Chakra is blocked, or out of balance it affects all chakras. Hmmm, think I’ll go meditate.

So, I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! The early spring sent me on a bit of a spin, but a good learning one. I have stored lots of stuff for the blog, so check back every Friday.

I was shocked to notice that there are still lots of readers, even though I’ve been absent. Nice.

Until Friday,

In the will of the heart, and the peace/neutrality of the soul,



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Apr 4

Creating Great Posture, Not Soldiers

Great posture is not created from yanking back the shoulders. Instead, gently lift your sternum to the sky, using the core, (snug abdominals, back & chest muscles, and breath), relax the shoulders…and smile. 10 years younger, and FREE!


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